Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feeling Clogish

Fashion Facts: Traditionally Clogs were worn by workers for protection while working in mines, farms and factories. They were also once wooden slippers worn for Clogging, a traditional European folk dance similar to tap dancing. 
"Clogs" now commonly mean:comfortable slip on shoe. Now I am a firm believer that if someone declares "your shoes look so comfortable!" You are wearing the wrong shoes.  

Clogs always have been and always will be a "clunky" shoe; however, this years Clogish Wooden Sandal is perfectly suited to the 70's styling seen for Spring Summer 2011.

Jeffrey Cambell Clogs from

The Outlander Clog by Jeffrey Solvang
$188 at

Topshop clog sandals in olive blue leather 

1970's Japanese Geta style Famolare wooden clogs
Priced $455

These awkward beauties are from Benoit Méléard's Spring/Summer 2011 Manifest Collection.
These shoes might only be picture perfect but are very accurate according to this definition of Clogs:
A heavy block, as of wood, fastened to a person or beast to impede movement. 
photo from

That 70's Platform Clog 
The Foxy Wood, Black Patent Platform
 By Jeffrey Cambell 

Biker Clog
From Zara

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haute Couture

"They make Rolls Royce very chic you know, but stable, unmoving... Haute Couture clothes are beautiful, but you see the beauty of the clothes, not the beauty of the body." - Emmanuelle Khanh, 1964